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AoS: Malign Portents – The Asylum

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Dec 28 2017

Age of Sigmar’s Malign Portents is getting weird. Okay – it’s getting weirder. Check out the latest video teaser.

The Asylum is the latest video from Games Workshop for Malign Portents. Don’t expect to find answers in this video either – but it does add to the creep factor just a bit:

Malign Portents webpage is still just as cryptic. If you’d like to check out the previous videos you can do that below:

“The Village”


“The Falling Star”

“The Icon”

“The Ship”

“The Field”



All we know for sure about this supplement is that these three models are going to be involved:

6 days until the big reveal. Are you ready?


Author: Adam Harrison
  • AoS: Malign Portents - The Village