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Nurgle & Slaanesh : These Greater Daemons Are Getting OLD

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Dec 22 2017

We are turning the clock back 30 years to see the history of the remaining finecast Greater Daemons – hopefully soon to be replaced.

Today we’re going all the way back to the late 1980s, to the original Realm of Chaos books to look at the original Greater Daemons of Slaanesh and Nurgle.

Slaves to Darkness (1988)

This is the tome that gave us Khorne and Slaanesh. Let’s take a look at the Dark Prince:

Just look at those big daemons in the back row of the three spreads.



All bull heads all the time.


The Lost and the Damned (1990)

Two years later in 1990, we got Tzeentch and Nurgle.


Nurgle however has gotten a bit browner over time.

Not just heads but plenty of gross belly options. This guy weighed a TON in metal.

The “Middle” Daemons (1997-1999)


Almost 10 years later we got the replacements for both of these that first showed up in the 1997 5th Edition Realm of Chaos army book for Warhammer Fantasy, and the 1999 3rd Edition Codex Chaos Space Marines.


The bullhead remains…And this one’s head is just… weird.

The Great Unclean Ones got fatter, slightly taller and more “juicy” 


The Forge World Additions

Finally within the last decade, we’ve seen Forge World jump onboard with the oversized “UBER” daemons for both Ruinous Powers:

I’ve never been able to tell if those are “nipple eyes” or “nipple-cuts” – in both cases.. EWW!

Someone REALLY needs a doctor and some stitches – really strong metal wire stitches.



We’ve come a LONG way in 30 years. We have plastic giant Bloodthirsters and Lords of Change, but the Great Unclean One and Keeper of Secrets still soldier on with ancient metal/finecast minis that are LITERALLY 20 YEARS OLD. Hopefully one of both of these will FINALLY get a long deserved plastic mini with the arrival of Codex Chaos Daemons. My fingers are crossed.

~What do you hope to see GW do with the Keeper of Secrets and Great Unclean one when they finally get replaced?

Author: Larry Vela
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