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RPG: Revisit Thedas – New Dragon Age Printing

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Dec 18 2017

Green Ronin’s Dragon AGE RPG is back. Fight darkspawn, kill mages, save Thedas.

Last year,  Dragon AGE swept the Ennies, and has been hard to come by these days. Though, in a turn of events that you should’ve seen coming if you’ve read the headline, there’s a new batch, fresh off the assembly line. This new model has already won best in its class by J.D. Power and Associates, so head on down.


Whether it’s leaving behind the stone carved halls of Orzammar, or helping to keep the streets of Ferelden safe from roaming bands of darkspawn (watch out for those hurlocks, genlocks, ogres, and so on), or even participating in a masked ball in Orlais, Dragon AGE has got you covered. And as this is the corebook, you’ll get information for playing, GMing, exploring, everything aside from mastering the taint.

So grab this previously out of stock game now, before it’s no longer once again previously out of stock.

via Green Ronin

Our enchanters finished up a fresh printing of the Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook, and we’ve received word the caravan has safely made its way to our warehouse. The book is available again in our Green Ronin Online Store, and restocking orders from retail stores should be going out soon.

Dragon AGE Corebook – $59.95



The Dragon Age RPG brings Thedas to your tabletop! Now you can experience BioWare’s rich and engaging world in a classic pen & paper roleplaying game. This new Core Rulebook combines the rules and background of the original game under one cover for the first time, and adds a brand new adventure as well. The game system is easy to learn and play, and the book is packed with lore from the world of Thedas. Dragon Age also features an innovative stunt system that keeps combat and spellcasting tense and exciting. So gather your friends, grab some dice, and get ready to enter a world of mages and templars, of Grey Wardens and darkspawn, of gods and demons… The world of Dragon Age!


Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook won Gold at the 2016 ENnies Awards for Best Interior Art and Game of the Year!

Maker’s breath!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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