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Starfinder: Spaceship Soundscapes, Stellar Scores

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Dec 16 2017

Make your games sound out of this world.

Oof. I’m sorry about that one. We’ll try and do better, but as far as jokes go, that one fell to earth so hard it actually feels a little extra terrestrial. We’ll strive for a much more grounded approach in the future–we’ll just have to planet better.

But enough foolong around, let’s get right to the core of the matter. Let me don the mantle of article-authorship* and crack this bit of news wide open. I’m speaking, of course, of the latest of the Syrinscape sound sets that’s now available for all your aural pleasures and I’ve just been asked never to use that phrase again.

At any rate, below you’ll find a special offer on the new starship soundpacks from Syrinscape, which features everything you could want to bring the starships of Starfinder to life. There’s sounds for a variety of ships, differentiated by species even, because your mystic alien ships should sound different from your insecticides ships, and so on.

via Paizo/Syrinscape

Take to the stars with total audio solutions for your Starfinder campaigns!


With sounds for different drive states (Idle, Cruise, Drift Cruise and Damaged), five intense music tracks for space combat, sounds for Pilot, Engineer and Science officer actions, an epic Drift Activation sound and a full compliment of specific starship weapons, with this SoundPack you’ll be ready to navigate out of spacedock, engage faster than light travel and lock on phasers to kill.

SoundPacks are available for Kasathan Starships, Pact Worlds Starships, Shirren Starships, and Veskarium Starships.

Syrinscape also has SoundPack and SoundSet options for the entirety of the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. Additionally, the Gator Swamp SoundSet and Street Battle SoundSet are sure to add some punch to your Mutants & Masterminds sessions! Need more sounds? Syrinscape also offers subscriptions for Adventure Path SoundPacks and Sci-Fi SoundSets, as well as a combined SuperSyrin Subscription!

if you’ve never used one of these before, each Syrinscape is a set of ambient sounds you can play via a device and speaker of your choice. They can really make your game pop with a little practice, pacing, and polish. Try one today.

In the meantime, happy


*Editor’s note: according to Barthes, the author is dead, and this is one case where we’d be happy to prove him correct.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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