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Stupid 40K Tricks: The Ynnari Two-Step

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Dec 4 2017

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the dance floor the Aeldari are up to their old tricks again – but this move takes two to tango!

Are Dark Reapers any good? Before you answer that, you might want to consider some of the new non-sense they’ve picked up in the new edition. Get your dancing shoes on because the Ynnari Two-step is ready to jump, jive and make you wail (in pain).

The Ynnari Two-Step

To kick this one off the Aeldari player will start with a Craftworlds detachment. This will probably be your main force – take what you want. But the reason you want this is because it gets you access to two key stratagems: Webway Strike and Fire and Fade.

So what’s the big deal? You can already do this with Craftworld Aeldari. And you can do this with Dark Reapers – yeah it’s good, but it’s a lot of CPs…” Yes! That is all true. So how do the Ynnari fit in all this? Great question.

The Ynnari happen to have their own Psychic Powers. One of them is kind of a big boon for the Dark Reapers.


Still not seeing it? Word of the Phoenix lets those Dark Reapers take a Soulburst action (which is why you run them as Ynnari). “Soulburst? That thing that let’s them move twice? So what!” That’s not all it does:

And that triggers during the PSYCHIC phase. So a full unit of Dark Reapers does the following:

  • “Deepstrikes” in behind LoS Terrain via the Webway Strike stratagem (edit: You would deepstrike ON the terrain in question, but just be sure it can block LoS)
  • Gets to shoot during the Psychic Phase with 10 “Krak Missiles” that hit on +3, regardless of modifiers (thanks Inescapable Accuracy)
  • Fires again during the Shooting Phase per normal
  • After shooting they use the Fire and Fade stratagem to return to their position behind LoS blocking terrain

There really isn’t much an opponent can do counter this play. Sure, you might have some ability that lets you fire at “Deepstrikers” – however, those usually have a range limitation associated with them and the Dark Reapers can deploy up to 48″ away. The other “counter” is to go first and somehow cover the areas in which they could deploy behind…unless they put Rangers or something else there to block your Deepstrikers.

What about indirect fire units?” Yeah! That’s a great idea – but again, they are Deepstriking with 48″ range weapons! Where are you going to hide? Don’t forget they can Deepstrike OTHER units, too – like a squad of Fire Dragons or Wraithguard to pop your tanks and cause problems. The Reapers are just one of the many threats in the army.



Are you ready dance the Ynnari Two-Step? Better get those Dark Reapers ready to go!

Author: Adam Harrison
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