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Wyrd: The Basotho Cavalry Add Speed to the Abyssinians

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Dec 3 2017

This unit’s speed allows them to help take control of a battle.

The Basotho people joined the ranks of the Abyssinian empire in the early 19th century. Their horses ensure them a special role in the battles they fight along side the Empire. They control the enemy’s operations by charging into the fray and using heavy firepower – this allows slower Abyssinian forces enter the battle.

On the tabletop, Basotho Cavalry have incredible Speed. When combined with their Missile weapons, this allows them to harass enemy units by giving out Pinned Tokens. Controlling the opponent’s mobility can be key to making sure Abyssinian forces aren’t outnumbered in skirmishes around the table.

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Author: Mars Garrett
  • 40K: The Warmaster Arrives