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40K Rumors: Q1-2 Codex Schedule

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Jan 10 2018
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Here’s the latest list of codex releases hot off the 40K rumorsphere:

We already know Adeptus Custodes and Thousand Sons are up next and rumors have been whirling of Tau soon.

Here’s the latest from Advanced Tau Tactica’s Haechi on the next codex releases:

“From my inside infos, the TS codex was delayed until unknown times and therefore there was a big gap in the previsions for February. I guess now for some reason it’s back on schedule ! So now we have Custodes-Thousand Sons-T’au-Necrons-Dark Eldars-Harlquins.

Custodes last week of January, and probably for 3 more weeks because of multiple releases, then Thousand Sons, mid/end of Feb, and finally T’au around mid March. Keep in mind I don’t have the exact dates, my source just says it like “early, late, mid, of a month”


Putting It All Together

Haechi has been drip drip dripping rumors on the upcoming codexes since November. Putting everything together leaves us with this rumor rough draft for Q1-Q2:


Chaos Daemons – Early January (OUT)

Adeptus Custodes – Late January

Thousand Sons – February


T’au Empire – March



Dark Eldar


~What are you most looking forward too? Have at it!



Author: Larry Vela
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