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30K: Force Org Charts of the Age of Darkness

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Jan 11 2018

The Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Rulebook has 4 Force Org Charts – and they make the game better!

The Age of Darkness Rulebook for the Horus Heresy really cleaned up a ton of the issues we had with 7th Edition 40k. Not only did this book fix Invisibility (by replacing it with a more reasonable power), they also restructured the Force Organization charts and added a much needed tweak. Take a look:

The Crusade Force Org Chart


This is your bread-n-butter Force Org chart. It’s got the classic 1 HQ, 2 Troops minimum as well as all the other slots most players are familiar with in amounts they are used to. If you played a game of 40k from 2000 until 2016, you probably saw this at least once. Heck, you can even take an Allied Detachment if you want.

The Onslaught Force Org Chart

This chart is a the Crusade’s slimmer cousin. It’s got the basics of 1 HQ and 1 Troop, but you also have to take a Heavy Support slot. Pretty straight forward. You can also take 2 Lords of War. More on that later.

The Castellen Force Org Chart

Castle-up with the Castellen Force Org Chart! 1 HQ, 3 Troops and a Fortification – this Chart is for all you defensively inclined folks. You might have to give up some Fast Attack Slots, but you’ll get access to a ton of Fortifications! Is that trade worth it to you? It will be if you want to hold the line!


The Leviathan Force Org Chart

Last up is the Leviathan Force Org Chart – now, this one is funky. It’s got it’s own special rules and Warlord Trait which is neat. Why is this a big deal? Well in 30k, GW added another chart that we really liked:

Lords of War are not supposed to make up more that 25% of your army. The exceptions are the Leviathan Force Org Chart and the mission being played. We here at BoLS really like this rule and like the restriction it places on running Lords of War in games – it keeps it (relatively) balanced. Are there outliers? Sure! But we rather have these limits in place than nothing at all! Besides, it keeps the big toys out of games that they probably shouldn’t be in anyways.

“I’m the Main Event, not the warm-up act.”

What do you think of these Force Org Charts for Age of Darkness games? Would you want to see a 25% Lords of War rule for 8th edition 40k?


Author: Adam Harrison
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