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40K: Adeptus Custodes – Heroes of the Emperor’s Elite

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Jan 15 2018

The Custodes are getting a new codex and GW is showing off what the Heroes of the Emperor can do!

Get ready for the Golden Tidewave to hit your tabletop with the Adeptus Custodes. These guys are going to be a small, elite fighting force that are going to be tough to deal with. Today GW is showcasing some of the Heroes that will lead them to battle:

via Warhammer Community

“The new Codex: Adeptus Custodes brings the Golden Legion to life as never seen before, delving deep into the military traditions of these renowned warriors and providing rules for them to match. One of the most requested units for the Adeptus Custodes, following their first release, was a dedicated HQ unit for the army – so we decided to give you four.”

“Every upcoming Adeptus Custodes kit has been cunningly designed so you can also use it to build an HQ option armed with the same wargear as his brethren.”

That’s right, folks. When you purchase one of the new Adeptus Custodes kits you will be able to build an HQ option from them. No need to purchase separate blister-packs! Also, no matter how they are decked out each Shield-Captain will have the same basic statline:


And what a statline they have! They are going to be monsters in combat with 2+ for both WS and BS. They are pretty strong with a 5 and tough as well! Those 6 wounds are going to be pretty tough to chew through with their save being a 2+ (and probably an invulnerable too).

Because they are going to have the same weapon options as their battle-brothers, we can expect to see lots the classic guardian spear to the new castellan axe on these models.

Trajann Valoris

“Trajann Valoris is the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes, making him one of the most powerful military figures in the entire Imperium, charged with defending the Sol System, Terra, and the Imperial Palace. First seen in Chris Wraight’s The Emperor’s Legion, this legendary figure is among the most proactive of the Adeptus Custodes, and is responsible for bringing the Golden Legion into a more aggressive role.”

Valoris is one of the most powerful commanders in the Imperium and will have a statline to match. One of the things that will make him extra deadly is his Watcher’s Axe:

“Watcher’s Axe, an artefact that gives him five Strength 10, AP-3 attacks on the charge, dealing D3 damage apiece.”


Ouch! And naturally he has a Legendary Commander ability that allows him (and all other Custodes within 6″) the option to re-roll 1s to wound. And if that’s not enough, Valoris also has one more game changing trick up his sleeve:

The Moment Shackle is a sweet piece of tech that allows him to do one of the following options:

  • Regain D3 Wounds
  • Fight again in the Fight Phase
  • Regain D3 Command Points spend on a Stratagem

Sieze the moment indeed. If you’d like to learn more about the Adeptus Custodes you can read the full write-up from GW HERE. Or pop over to the Lexicanum and learn even more about these Golden Gilded Warriors.


Alright, who kicked the Golden Beehive and woke these guys up? Magnus? Yeah, sounds like his fault.

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