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40K: Behind the Scenes with the Adeptus Custodes

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Jan 21 2018

Come get the behind the scenes scoop on the Adeptus Custodes.

I don’t know if you guys heard or not, but the Adeptus Custodes Codex is out for preorder right now. And since there’s no saturation like oversaturation, let’s pile on. Today Warhammer TV takes us behind the scenes with the Adeptus Custodes. Come meet the writers and miniatures designers behind the codex.


Get a little lore, get a little insight, and of course get reminded that, in case you missed it, you can pre-order the Adeptus Custodes right now. Like right now.

Find out what the 10,000 (ish) Custodes have been up to since they failed at their duty and let the Emperor get mortally wounded by Horus back in the day. Spoiler alert, it’s mostly standing around except for the tones when they were secretly venturing out into the galaxy to see how much of a threat to the galaxy Chaos actually is.

Not very much of one, I guess.


That and making the Grey Knights feel bad.

At any rate, the Custody are here to stay, so dig in everyone.

Putting the elite in Elite armies have small model counts.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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