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40K BREAKING: New Custodes Minis Pics

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Jan 5 2018

Looks like we’re getting some more of the Emperor’s Golden Boys are coming!

Lot’s of folks were looking forward to the BIG REVEAL tomorrow at Games Workshop’s Warhammer World Open Day. GW was teasing out who that could be with this bit from their Facebook Page:

via Warhammer 40,000 (Facebook)

Well now we have some photographic evidence from Facebook:

via Jason Rumer(Facebook 1-5-2017)

Allarus Custodians


Well these certainly fit the clues!

Now we don’t know if this is the full reveal or if this was just someone who got in and snapped some pics and shared them with a buddy…who shared them with a few more buddies and then someone posted them on Facebook and well…you get the idea. Will we see even more Custodes? What if this was just a Red Herring and there is another reveal tomorrow? Guess we’ll find out in a few hours. Until then – The Emperor Protects!


Have at it folks!

Author: Adam Harrison
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