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40K: Nurgle Daemons Faction Focus

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Jan 4 2018


Games Workshop is showing of more goodies from the Plagued-one with a Faction Focus on Nurgle!

Nurgle isn’t just getting a ton of new models, they are also getting some great looking new rules to match. Today, we’re taking a stroll through the plague garden and seeing what fruits Nurgle is going to gift the tabletop with.


via Warhammer Community

We’ve already gotten a look at the Locus of Virulence and it’s pretty deadly. Considering how many ways Nurgle units are going to be able to boost that wound roll and how many attacks they can toss out, this Locus is going to be powerful and deadly. Also, this applies to shooting attacks as well! This has some really strong synergies with Chaos Space Marines/Death Guard – as long as the model happens to be both Nurgle and a Daemon. Gee, I wonder which units those are…

The Plague Banner is a new stratagem that the Nurgle Daemons are gaining access to:


Upping the damage of a unit’s Plagueswords to 2 is pretty dirty. Combining that with the Locus means that each roll of a 6 to wound is now doing 3 damage. OUCH.

Spoilpox Scrivener is going to be a boon for your Plaguebearer units, too. And while he sounds like a middle manager who is most likely to inspire a mutiny, he gets results:

“[Spoilpox Scrivener] is one of the new Heralds in Codex: Chaos Daemons that improves the fighting prowess of your infantry by relentlessly criticising them for not meeting their tallies. On the tabletop, this means you’ll move faster and hit more frequently, turning a unit that’s usually fulfilling the role of an objective-holder or defensive screen into a very respectable offensive option.”

So he adds +1 to their to hit rolls, and if you get 7+ on your rolls, you generate extra attacks. That means any dice that are 6’s are going to create more attacks (barring any other modifiers).


Horticulous Slimux is also joining the 40k side of chaos as well:

“You’ll be able to add Horticulous Slimux to your Daemons army, and he comes festooned with feculent features that’ll help your army out. For one, the Grand Cultivator provides significant bonuses to nearby Beasts of Nurgle, and for another, the Daemon can set up Feculent Gnarlmaws every movement phase, allowing you to quickly turn the battlefield into a foetid forest.”

So what does the Feculent Gnarlmaw even do? Great question:

“The Feculent Gnarlmaw is a new piece of scenery that fits into your army’s Fortification slot. On the battlefield, it’ll provide significant cover saves to your Nurgle units, shielding them against deadly first turn attacks, and when you want to counter-attack, you’ll be able to advance then charge (and shoot!) offering your usually slow Nurgle units a surprising turn of speed.”

Okay – not only does this provide cover (which in most cases mean you’re probably still getting a save of +4 or +5, depending on AP) but it also allows Nurgle Daemon units to shoot/charge even if they Fell Back or Advanced. Uh…Nurgle units that can Advance AND Charge? That’s going to be a surprise for a lot of folks.


And finally we get a look at a new piece of wargear: Horn of Nurgle’s Rot.

And now the Plaguebearers can add a model to a unit, too. Move over Plague zombies and Cultists…the Plaguebearers want in on this action!


Are you getting a little green with envy or are you getting a tad green in the gills? What do you think of the Nurgle Daemon’s rules?

Author: Adam Harrison
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