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40K: What’s New With the Thousand Sons

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Jan 26 2018
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Hey do you like Tzaangors? They get some cool new units in the Thousand Sons Codex. Check ’em out!

The Thousand Sons have a lot going for them. They are incredibly powerful sorcerers, they have access to some pretty mean weapons, and they can sometimes ride around on Discs of Tzeentch, all of which goes a long way to make up for the fact that they never really got to play that game of catch.


But it seems the cat’s in the cradle, after all, because the Thousand Sons are now getting some new friends of their own–they’re making new connections, doing their own thing. It kinda makes you proud, And it kinda makes you realize how fast they grow up. Maybe it’s time to take a day off spend some time at the park just talking, you know?

That way you can learn more about Tzaangors and Mutalith Vortex Beasts in their new Codex.

Firstly, even “normal” Tzaangors are receiving some new toys in the Thousand Sons codex. As well as being able to make use of Stratagems like Webway Infiltration (discussed in our Faction Focus earlier this week), they’ve even got a Stratagem on their own in Cycle of Slaughter:

And with psychic powers like Warptime, or maybe Warptime, or if you prefer to use something like Warptime in an unorthodox way, you can be sure to get your big old herd of Tzaangor in there. But then we have the Enlightened. These are the ones who’ve caught the attention of Tzeentch and didn’t get turned into Spawn as a result. These guys are pretty cool. They fly around on Discs of Tzeentch which gives them some pretty cool effects–in addition to making them swift, it gies them the Daemon keyword which opens wide the door for shenanigans.


Tzaangor Enlightened behave much like their brethren, with a few bonuses. Representing their uncanny connection to fate itself, every hit roll of 6+ that you make with this unit will result in an automatic wound – great for stacking up damage on tougher targets. Their weapons are pretty powerful, too; the fatecaster greatbow allows you to use them as a versatile ranged harassment unit, while a flock equipped with divining spears will deal deadly damage on the charge.

Then of course there’s the Tzaangor Shamans who make everything better. They are casters and have access to the Discipline of Change–but on top of that, they make their friends better.

That’s pretty beefy. Reminds me of the Broodlord (though I’d wager the Tzaangor Shaman isn’t nearly as kill-y). Finally we come to the Mutalith Vortex Beast, which in addition to making me want to go play StarCraft for some reason, gives you access to all kinds of monstrous powers.


You can either pick one, or roll the dice and get two random ones, which can lead to some pretty cool combos. Basically just make sure your Mutalith Vortex beast is surrounded by friends and foes and you’ll be set for random life.

These abilities work particularly well with Tzaangors, further enhancing their prodigious combat capabilities, and are also very handy if you’re using other close combat units. Indeed, anything with the Tzeentch keyword is a viable target, from a Lord of Change to an an allied unit of Warp Talons from Codex: Chaos Space Marines – the choice is yours. These abilities even stack, meaning taking multiple Mutalith Vortex Beasts could pay dividends – just make sure they don’t explode while they’re still in the midst of your forces.

Oh. Well maybe don’t get too close then.

So are you a Tzaang or aren’t you?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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