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AoS: 5 Theories of What Nagash is Scheming With ‘Malign Portents’

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Jan 17 2018

The Skeleton Pope is up to something with Malign Portents. But What!?

We all know Nagash is clearly up to something with all the shenanigans going on with Malign Portents. Does he REALLY want to save people – or is this just some weird, twisted power-play for the Realms? Let’s see if we can deduce what’s going on.


The biggest clue we have is this massive structure that he has been working on:

With that in mind, here at BoLS we have some “theories” about what’s he’s up to.

Theory 1: It’s An Army of Undead, Bolstered by the Foul Magics of the Pyramid!

…Yawn. That’s not much of a theory so much as “No kidding, Sherlock.” But let’s see if we can’t get a bit more specific.


Theory 2: It’s A Music Festival!

Long lines. Strange lights. Scantily clad strangers all marching to the beat of an unheard drum. JUST SAYIN.

Theory 2: Nagash is Going Full Goa’uld From Stargate!

Nagash has his own realm to manage now-a-days, which means he’s probably been taking a lot of executive time to catch-up on his favorite shows. With that in mind, what better show to watch about dealing with other realms than Stargate. I mean, Realm Gates/Stargates…c’mon! You can’t tell me it doesn’t work! Then again, maybe he’s not into Sci-fi – he’s probably more into Horror/Sci-fi type…

Theory 3: Nagash is REALLY Into Stranger Things and the Upside Down!

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Think about it – the Upside down is a realm where things work differently. Much like his own misunderstood realm Shyish, people fear this place of darkness. But it’s not really that scary when you’re the one in charge and you know how things work. And what’s with all the humans trying to get in, but once their in, they want to get out. C’mon people, you opened the door – Nagash just wants to come through. Clearly this is YOUR fault. Besides, why else would he be using an UPSIDE DOWN Pyramid?

Wait…why IS it an upside down pyramid. Unless…


Theory 5: Tomb Kings Confirmed!

BOOM. #mindblown

Nagash is rebuilding his undead army, in the sandy wasteland, with a PYRAMID, because he misses his old buddies – the Tomb Kings. I mean, sure they had their problems in the past but that was the old world and he misses his friends and family. It’s lonely being the Undead God-King – you can’t even be assassinated, so you can’t even waste time making elaborate plans to fight paranoia! Plus it’s a PYRAMID!

What do you think Nagash is scheming in the Realm of the Dead? Let us know your crazy theories in the comments

“What about the Walking Dead?” Look, when you live with the Undead, do you REALLY want to watch a show about MORE undead? Think about out…

Author: Adam Harrison
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