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AoS: Daughters of Khaine Breakdown

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Jan 26 2018
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The Queen of Shadow is back and she’s bringing all the ladies to the tabletop! Say hello to the Daughters of Khaine.

A brand new Order Battletome is coming from Games Workshop: The Daughters of Khaine!

Oldies But Goodies


Dark Aelf Witches are still around – but we all kind of figured those would be keepers in this book.

Avatar of Khaine/Cauldron of Blood


Another model from the Old Range that we figured would return.

Dark Elf Warlocks

The Doomfire Warlocks were another unit that was added/updated before the End Times. All of these kits were part of the last batch of Dark Elf releases.

New Unit Teasers

The Shadow Queen


This model is one we can only assume is the Shadow Queen from the teaser trailers. Is this a new Morathi model (95% yes) or something else? Guess we’ll have to wait to get that 100% confirmation from GW. For now, we’re just going to call this one the Shadow Queen.

New Harpies


We appear to have two different units here. One has a Shield and Spear combo – the other is a Shield and Hand-Weapon combo. We also can see they have different heads/helmets. Now, odds are these are probably a dual kit of some time but the Dark Elves had Winged Harpies in previous editions of the game. These new sculpts do look pretty wicked.




Again, we see a pair of units in the form of new Naga models (sweet!!) that have both a Ranged and a Close Combat option. Now, these could also be one-off characters as well or they could just be the focus was on the Unit Leaders. Naga Archers and Naga Spear-maidens are going to be a welcome addition that that model line though!


The Daughters of Khaine are getting a new “Big Kit” from the looks of the trailer. It got a massive coiled tail and it’s probably a winged naga of some type. Maybe THIS is the REAL Shadow Queen…maybe it’s just her pet…we’re excited to find out what’s GW has in store for them in the days ahead!



Are you ready for the return of the Daughters of Khaine? We don’t think you’re prepared…

Author: Adam Harrison
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