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AoS: Malign Portents – Rise of the Shadow Queen

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Jan 25 2018
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Here’s a first look at the Shadow Queen herself, as the Daughters of Khaine get ready to step from the shadows.

It seems there’s more a-brewing in the mortal realms than just a life vs. death, order vs. chaos type struggle. Watching over all of it is the Shadow Queen, who has been hiding, waiting for the opportune moment to strike–presumably from the shadows, what with that being in her name and all. Let’s take a look:

So we start off with a very spiky looking abode where someone has helpfully left the lights burning.

Whoever could be in here? What in the world could these dark, shadowy spiky towers be hiding? It could be anything, it could be maybe Daemons or–it’s Dark Elves.

Like that is seriously the most Dark Elf expression that’s ever been captured. Everything you need to know about the faction you can see in this singular image. There’s a formerly-known-as-a-dark-aelf-witch hanging out around a big old cauldron of blood (probably) scrying on the comings and goings of the mortal realms, looking like she’s just done with it all. Hers is a face that says, “I’m over it.” And that pierces right to the core of these stabby aeilves.


They’re scrying on a whole bunch of dead, talking about how Nagash is making rotten puppets dance, oh so very casually. Whatever is happening is not really a big deal to them, but I think that’s just the aeiolven “being above it all” attitude showing through. Anyway this is all just a lead up to Morathi The Shadow Queen being revealed.

Now she’s kept in the shadows, and we lightened the image up a little bit–but you can see her hanging out there on one of those fancy U-thrones that are everywhere right now, and wearing perhaps the most impractical hat we’ve seen in Age of Sigmar. And that’s saying something. The thing tat catches my eye though, is the back of the throne. It’s all shadowy, so I can’t tlel if that’s just curtains that are draped around her–or are those wings?

At any rate, the Shadow Queen’s patience is at an end. We don’t know what’s been trying her patience–like has she just been not murdering people for a while for some reason? Or is there some other thing that’s kept her hiding in the shadows? At any rate, while all of the Malign Portents stuff is going on, you can expect to see some Blood and Fury and Dark Eldar elves aelfs Stabsmen.


I give it 50/50 on those being wings.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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