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AoS: Nurgle’s Cycle of Corruption

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Jan 10 2018

Nurgle wants to bless everyone with a cycle of decay and “life” – come check out exactly how the Cycle of Corruption works!

In Age of Sigmar, Nurgle’s Maggotkin are getting a new book this weekend and within that putrid tome they have a very unique style of Allegiance Abilities. If you have picked up a copy of Blightwar, this might seem very familiar to you. If you haven’t, you might want to know what you’re up against when Nurgle’s Cycle of Decay comes knocking at your Tabletop!


How the Maggotkin’s Allegiance Ability works is pretty simple. At the start of the game you roll a D6 to determine where the cycle starts. At the start of each new battle round, the cycle moves clockwise one step at a time. Now, most typical games are 5 rounds which means that (typically) one of these abilities won’t be used. On top of that, there are actually 7 total traits as Corrupted Regrowth is a part of the chart – you just can’t start the game with it in play. However, the followers of Nurgle can manipulate this cycle using their unique command traits.

Grandfather’s Blessing is available to all three of the sub-factions: Rotbringers, Nurgle Daemons, and Nurgle Mortals. It allows the players to move the cycle forward or backward, once per battle, during their hero phase. Theoretically, you can use this to double-up on a trait (meaning you could use it twice in a game) – or skip over a not some helpful one.

Nurgle’s followers are going to be renewing their march to war this weekend. Much like the Cycle of Corruption, their battles never truly ends. From their death, plagues spread infecting life with new plagues and corruption, which causes more death – and the cycle continues…

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Nurgle is the Chaos God of plagues, whose power waxes strong when disease and despair ravage the Mortal Realms. Though he is a source of fear and revulsion to his enemies, Nurgle is a perversely paternal god, generous with his foul gifts and proud of his worshippers’ every disgusting achievement. His armies, both mortal and daemon, bulge with virulent boons. The twisted and disfigured, the spiteful and forsaken, the hopelessly insane – these Maggotkin spread the joyous filth and bountiful contagions, hoping to turn the whole of the Mortal Realms into a single garden of beautiful putrescence.


What do you think of the Cycle of Corruption? Which ability would you want to “double-up” on?

Author: Adam Harrison
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