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Assimilate the Borg into your ‘Star Trek Ascendancy’

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Jan 4 2018

Resistance is Futile! Resisting getting the latest Star Trek Ascendancy expansion, that is!

The Borg Expansion adds two new ways of introducing the Borg into your game. Players might encounter the Borg as they explore the galaxy or may begin the game with the Transwarp Hub in play. Regardless of when the Transwarp Hub appears, each turn a Borg Cube may appear from the Hub and attempt to assimilate players and neutral systems. Each system that has been assimilated will begin producing additional Borg Cubes.

The Borg are not a playable race. Instead, they are controlled by a unique Command Deck. The Borg still have a turn as if they were a player. On each Borg turn they construct Assimilation Nodes on any world they control. When enough nodes have been built, a new Cube is launched. The Cubes will move around the galaxy, combating any fleets in their way and assimilating new worlds. Along the way, each Cube will execute commands from one Borg Command Deck. The cards control how the Cubes will move, often towards developed star systems. Once a Cube reaches a new system, assimilation begins anew. Borg Cubes are a formidable force and will require powerful fleets to take down.

It will be up to the players to decide if they will form alliances to shut down the Borg for good or simply hope the Cubes don’t head their direction. Still, the goals of the players remains the same: Dominance through force or ascendancy. With the threat of assimilation always on the horizon, the Borg will add new, exciting levels of play to Star Trek Ascendancy.

via Gale Force Nine

Star Trek Ascendancy: Borg Assimilation$45


Red Alert! The Borg are invading Gale Force Nine’s Star Trek: Ascendancy hobby board game later this year. The Borg Assimilation expansion adds an all-new threat to the game. The Borg are an independent menace, attacking players’ ships and assimilating civilized worlds. If the Borg are not dealt with, they could overwhelm the Galaxy. Can the great civilizations put aside their rivalries long enough to face the Borg as a united front? Or will they try to combat the Borg onslaught individually, seizing Borg technology for themselves?

Borg Command Console and Cube Combat Card, 6 Borg Cubes and 6 Borg Spires game pieces, and 18 Borg Assimilation Nodes, as well as 20 Borg Tech Cards, 30 Borg Command Cards, 7 new System Discs and 20 Borg-themed Exploration Cards.

  • 1 – 5 Players
  • 90 – 180 Minutes
  • Ages 14+

The Borg is the ultimate user. They’re unlike any threat your Federation has ever faced.

Author: Matt Sall
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