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BG: Rambo Draws First Blood on Kickstarter

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Jan 27 2018

That’s right. Rambo the Board Game is on Kickstarter right now. Of course it’s funded. Get in before it’s too late.

After having been announced last year, Rambo the Board Game is here at last. Well. It’s on Kickstarter at last, which means that you won’t actually see the game until next year sometime, though Everything Epic seems to have gotten their ducks in a row with this one.

Surprising nobody, the Kickstarter has already succeeded, shooting well past its $50K goal in a day or two. They have already unlocked some pretty sweet stretch goals, including Bow Rambo (though why they didn’t call him RamBOW is beyond my understanding), some bonus operations to play out on the board game, and a couple of expansions which let you play still further variants of Rambo (with a knife! with a grenade launcher!) as well as beloved characters like Deputy Ward and Deputy Sgt. Art Galt.

You didn’t even mention Deputy Mitch or Sheriff Teasle–way to bury the lede.

But kidding aside–the game sounds amazing. It’s a 1-4 player Co-Op game that has you and your friends as Rambo and Company (there are heroes that look like they should be hanging out with Rambo in there, I promise).


You’ll outfit your team with gear and attempt dangerous missions that let you recreate the events of the movies, or even go off the rails a little bit and team up for new, never-before-seen awesome commando shenanigans.

And the game keeps surprising you as you go, drawing on some legacy-style mechanics to really make the game your own.

The game provides sealed “legacy-like” mission envelopes which gradually expand the game as each mission completes. Each mission tells a story and takes the players on a unique adventure to various locations to save POW’s, escape a military prison, raid a jungle encampment, defend a secret air base, or survive a treacherous jungle and much more! Missions will unlock new equipment and tactics to help players customize their experience and allow for high replayability and great tactical strategy. Taking actions and engaging in combat is done without random dice, but with a card-based system where the player is in control, and where every choice can be life or death!

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In the immortal words of Rambo: “I’ll be back.” Nope, wait, hang on, wrong movie let me try again. “Remember when I said I’d kill you last?” Dangit. Okay um. “It’s not a tumor!”

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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