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BoLS: STREAMING NOW – “Abraxis the Great”

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Jan 2 2018

Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector a new power is rising. Lord Abraxas of the Emperor Children launches a war of conquest; Necrons in his path!

This week on Dark Apocrypha…


Welcome to the Enigmus Sector – the setting for Dark Apocrypha.

Abraxis the Great!

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The Enigmus Sector: Week 1 Day 1 – Abraxis the Great (watch LIVE NOW)

Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector a new power is rising. Lord Abraxas of the Emperor Children has launched a war of conquest that will soon see him known as Abraxas the Great. On the world of Yamu at the edge of the Three Tears Warpstorm he has won his first great victory. The world is all but his, there a just a few last pesky Necrons to get rid of.

CSM – Emperors Children

Lord Abraxas – 7

Sorcerer Lord Scorpius – 8

20x Choas cultists- 6

10 x Noise Marines – 12


10 x Noise Marines – 12

10 x Noise Marines – 12


2x Spawn- 4

3x Obliterators- 10


Command points – 6

Neferkara the Opulent- 11
Cryptek (Infretck the Tinker) – 6
20x Necron Warriors – 12
10x Immortals – 8
10 x Necron Warriors – 6
Quantum Exaltation Station -9
9x Canoptek Scarabs 6
9x Canoptek Scarabs 6
1x Canoptek Spyder- 4
Triarch Stalker – 8
6/6 CP 
76 pl 

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Author: Larry Vela
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