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Malign Portents: The Coward & All Videos

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Jan 4 2018
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Now the last of the Malign Portents has come–the Champion of Death ushers its terrible forces towards doom.

The final episode of Malign Portents has dropped, and now let’s gather up all of the videos that have been released to present the oncoming storm brewing in the Realm of Shyish.



In this video, we meet the Knight of Shrouds who is leading a seemingly unending army of skelemans towards some ominous, unspecified destination. As always this is overseen by our favorite scryer, Elias–but all of this has me thinking. Look at the way the undead are marching.

And sure, that blue glow seems ominous enough, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I think I’ve figured out a big important part of the mystery of Malign Portents. Look closer.


There’s a whole army of them marching on towards their deadly destination. Which, of course, is the upside-down pyramid that’s surrounded by swirling specters and other undying nastiness:

But there’s one detail that I think has been completely overlooked. They’re marching single file. Single file. Why?

Exactly, Obi-Wan. Exactly. Everyone says that the world is about to be overrun with numberless hordes of the undead–but they’re numberless because you can’t count them all–because they hide their numbers. There might only be a few dozen of them. Maybe like twenty-seven at most–but that’s a pretty big number. So.

In the meantime, you can find the rest of the Malgin Portents videos below. We’ve got a story of villages throughout the realms being overrun with undead, accompanied by a powerful undead magical effect that seems capable of fighting back Chaos, even Nurgle’s corrupting influence. Death is coming to the Mortal Realms–and it all begins in Shyish.

Check out the rest of the videos below:


“Malign Portents: Episode 1 – The Builder”

This is the first in longer-form video we’ve seen about Malign Portents. It involves a neutral “scryer” named Elias who can apparently project his spirit astrally and witness the goings-on of events. Is he a new player in the game of the 4 factions or just a bystander who watches and observers? Where did he learn how to “project his spirit” and how is it that he can retain his independence?

Whatever the case, his big revelation is that all the portents are pointing to something stirring in the Realm of Shyish – the land of death and ruled by Nagash.

“Malign Portents: Episode 2 – The Conqueror”


In it, that same scryer, Elias, continues his search for Enlightenment amid the same Diablo III-esque music. Now he bears witness to the rise of the Darkoath Warqueen. Called a daughter of destiny, she’s seen the rise of “Shadows bearing rusted blades, of dead men that walk and hunger for hearts’ blood,” before gathering her hosts to march upon the dread Realm of Shiyish.

“Malign Portents: Episode 3 – The Visionary”

In it, that same scryer, Elias, continues his search for Enlightenment in a world that seems to be racing towards destruction. And in dark caves beneath the earth, he finds a goblin of the Moon Clan whose ingestion of these mushrooms leads to a vision of a massive Waaagh! “at the end of days.” With visions of an apocalyptic Waaagh! in his mind,  he marshals his clans to march upon the dread Realm of Shiyish.

Something is causing ripples that are impacting the very foundations of the Mortal Realms. And just in case you needed any more convincing, the dead are rising from their graves:

via Malign Portents

“The Valley”

Another cryptic and creepy video from Games Workshop. This time the focus is on a grave site and the and of it’s current resident is evilly bursting forth. Death is on the rise…

Previous videos from Malign Portents:

“The Asylum”


“The Village”

“The Falling Star”

“The Icon”

“The Ship”

“The Field”


All we know for sure about this supplement is that these four models are going to be involved:

Less than a day left…

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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