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There’s Never Enough Dakka When Racing ‘Gretchinz!’

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Jan 31 2018

Pilot your hobbled together gretchin vehicle in an explosive race towards the finish line! I mean explosive literally.

Oi! You fink any of da grots won’t not die dis time? Hope so. I’z got lotz o’ teef wot sayz none make it.

Orks are known for many things, not the least of which is their affinity for speed with little regard for safety of the pilot or riders. Orks from different clans will occasionally put aside their differences for a meager excuse to launch their gretchin into insane races where they pilot buggies which have been slung together last minute with whatever scrap could be found nearby. If you play your cards right, your grot might just be the first one to cross the finish line!  That is assuming he survives the race at all.

Grot racers to their starting positions!

Gretchinz is a competitive dice rolling and card playing racing game where players pit their gretchin racers against each other. Each player chooses which of the Ork clans to play as, each one granting a unique ability.

On each turn, players all frantically and simultaneously roll and reroll their dice at the same time. The dice indicate what actions their racer can perform: Move, Attack, Draw, etc. Once a player is happy with their dice, they shout “Waaagh!” forcing all other players to be locked into whichever dice they have in that moment. The dice will have several different types of attacks. To perform an attack, players will have to play one of the cards from their hand.

All players will have a hand of double sided cards.  Players are not allowed to look at both sides of the cards.  The side facing the player shows which type of attack the card is.  However, it is the reverse side which is shown to all other players which shows the actual firepower of the attacks.  Meaning, the players might have to play a bit of a guessing game when making their attacks, and hope for the best.  No one ever said Ork weaponry was reliable.

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Gretchinz!Price TBD – March 2018

The greenskin’s passion for speed and violence is known throughout the galaxy. It is not uncommon to see little crowds of Orks from different clans take any excuse to launch their best Gretchinz into insane races with pilot buggies which have been slapped together crudely. There is no need to point out that firepower and speed are far more important than the safety of the racers.

Now you too can recreate these frantic races, pitting these crazy speed freaks against each other. Play your cards cunningly and manage your attacks and movements intelligently, before your rivals have a chance to get ahead.

  • 2 – 4 Players
  • 20 Minutes
  • Ages 8+

Now this is Grot racing!

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