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Warhammer World Open Day – Custodes Announced

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Jan 6 2018
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Put on your Golden Suits and get ready for the Emperor’s Guardians to return to the 40k Tabletop!

The Adeptus Custodes are making a big splash at Warhammer World Open Day this year. They are getting a new codex, some new models a new video to show them off:

via Warhammer Community

From the Custodes Trailer, it looks like they are getting all the bells and whistles in their new codex – Stratagems, HQ options, Warlord Traits, “& More” – which we can assume will be Wargear, psychic powers, and other army wide special rules.


“Finally, if you’ve already got a sizeable collection of  Forge World Legio Custodes, rules are on their way for you to use your favourite units in Warhammer 40,000, in addition to the huge range of new plastic kits.”

That’s not all either – Battle Bunnies was on the scene and they snapped up some pretty awesome shots of the models on display as well:

via Battle Bunnies (Kaelo)



Pretty great stuff for fans of the Custodes! We’re looking forward to see what else they have in store for them in the coming months!


For the Emperor!


Author: Adam Harrison
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