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Wyrd: The Yarazi Buzz on to the Scene in The Other Side

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Jan 7 2018

The Gibbering Horde gets some air support with the addition of this new critter.

This member of the Gibbering Hordes isn’t an ocean dweller, they make the seaside caverns their home. The Yarazi fly high above the coastline, hunting their prey from the air. These creatures can reach incredible speeds in short bursts as they dive into the water to catch their next meal. They’re defense mechanism also doubles as a way to catch prey – they can spit super sticky mucus long distances. While they’re great hunters, these creatures are likely to run from real threats.

On the table, Yarazi function like light cavalry. They can quickly dart across the battlefield, flying over other units as they rush toward objectives or weakened enemy units. They’re not very durable, but fortunately, Yarazi have the ability to quickly escape from combat, which makes them annoying guerilla fighters.

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Author: Mars Garrett
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