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40K BREAKING: Codex T’au Release Date Is…

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Feb 22 2018

It looks like the T’au are coming soon. Here’s the latest dates and the details.

via Warhammer-Forum’s Heimmenrich

Bonjour à tous.

Ayant le white dwarf sous les yeux voici donc les prix et date de sortie pour les T’Au:

– Codex 32.5€ dispo le 17 mars (préco le 10)

– Codex collector 65€ dispo le 17 mars (préco le 10 mars)

– cartes techniques:T’Au Empire 12.5€ dispo le 17 mars (préco le 10 mars).

Il est étrange que le White Dwarf ne donne aucune sortie après le 17 mars pour ce mois là.



Which translates to:

Hello everyone.

Having the White Dwarf in front of you here are the prices and release date for the T’Au:

Codex 32.5 € available on 17 March (pre-orders 10)

Codex collector € 65 available on March 17 (pre-orders on March 10)


Datacards: T’Au Empire 12.5 € available on March 17 (pre-orders on March 10).

It is strange that the White Dwarf gives no information after March 17 for that month.

So the White Dwarf should be arriving very soon and looks to be all full of T’au.  We will see them arrive in just over 2 weeks, after The Age of Sigmar Daughters of Khaine release window.

~My question is where the Drukhari are?


Author: Larry Vela
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