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AoS: Diary of a City Watchmen

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Feb 21 2018
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All was quiet in the city of Heldelium. Until it wasn’t…

It’s rare that we get to see into the life of what a typical “Mortal” is like in the Mortal Realms. Most of the stories we get involve Super-humans fighting daemons or massive greenskins facing off against the undead. Even the more fantastical races like Aelfs and Duardin seem to live a very different life than say a lowly city guard. Which is why I found the most recent Malign Portents story so fascinating.

Beyond the Walls is written in the form of a journal of a City Watchmen. We get a look inside his life before some of the stranger things start to happen in the city, and the the slow decay that follows when they DO happen.

One of the fun connections I was making in my head about this story were some of the events the Guard had listed off – farms of people half-eaten. Men turned into raving lunatics. The Stormcast Eternals as “Enforcers” …and not in a positive way. I was remembering some of the other stories and thinking “I wonder if this is the same place where this happened.”

These short stories have been a great way to build-up the changes in the Age of Sigmar story and really shake-up the idea of the Mortal Realms, how they work, and we get the perceptions of the protagonists within them. Their differing Points of View have really been eye opening and I honestly want to read more. Plus, they are relatively short so if I don’t particularly care for one, I can finish it up and move on quickly.

The Age of Hope really is dying and things are starting to sound pretty bleak. The darkness is circling the Mortal Realms. I’m starting to wonder if this will be the new normal or if we will see the rise of a new batch of heroes to combat the coming darkness.


Hope springs eternal…but not in the Mortal Realms.

What do you think of the story developing in the Mortal Realms? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Adam Harrison
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