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AoS: Daughters of Khaine: 6 New Battalions Rules

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Feb 24 2018

The Daughters of Khaine are here with 6 new Battalions to drain the blood from your enemies. Take a look:

The original Battatlion from Grand Alliance Order isn’t in the Battletome, but these six new ones are:


War Coven of Morathi

  • Morathi, High Oracle
  • 1 Caudron Guard
  • 1 Slaughter Troupe
  • 1 Temple Nest
  • 1 Shadow Patrol

Blood Rituals: Count the current turn number for the Blood Rites Rituals as 1 higher.

Devout Followers: Ignore Battleshock tests for units within 18″ of Morathi

Cauldron Guard

  • 1 Hag Queen
  • 2 Witch Aelves
  • 2 Khinerai Lifetakers

Frenzied Devotees: +1 to Run and Charge rolls.

Slaughter Troupe

  • 2 Sisters of Slaughter
  • 2 Khinerai Heartrenders

Gladitorial Acrobatics: Units can Retreat, Shoot and Charge in the same turn.

Temple Nest

  • 1 Bloodwrack Medusa
  • 2 Blood Stalkers
  • 2 Bood Sisters

Lethal Transfixation: Each enemy to hit roll of 1 in the Combat Phase against this detachment inflicts a mortal wound on the attacking unit.


Shadow Patrol

  • 2 Doomfire Warlocks
  • 4 Khinerai Harpies

Shadowpaths: Once per Battle Round, a single unit may be removed from the board and set up anywhere outside of 9″ from enemy models.

Shadowhammer Compact

  • 1 Saughter Queen
  • 2 Witch Aelves
  • 1 Khinerai Harpies
  • 1 Blood Stalkers
  • 2 Liberators
  • 1 Prosecutors
  • 1 Judicators

Fighteous Fervour: In your Hero Phase, pick one Khaine and one Stormcast unit. These two units may immediately take a free bonus movement , shooting, or combat phase. Both units must take tame action.

~ More Daughters of Khaine soon!





Author: Larry Vela
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