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GW: Gangs And Wars In Necromunda

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Feb 15 2018

House Orlock has come to the Underhive, bringing with them some Gang War, too.

House Orlock, or the House of Iron, is one of the six Houses of Hive Primus. They control much of the city’s iron, extracting it from the remnants of the ruined Underhive, ferrous slag heaps, and so on. They also control many of the valuable trade routes across the surface of Necromunda, making them a powerful force with a lot to gain… and a lot to lose.

They’ve honed their combat skills fighting to protect everything that they’ve managed to claim as their own. This hasn’t always been successful–in the past House Delaque betrayed them and stole a powerful Ulanti contact out from under them.

But they bring all their hard fought scrappiness to the table top. Orlock has some cool looking weapons, including a harpoon launcher and copious shotguns. They can pack a surprising punch, especially for a gang that looks just as eager to tell you about their new microbrewed IPA as they are to fight for dominance in the Underhive.

Gang War 2, meanwhile, gives you all the rules you need to run these guys. You’ll get lore on House Orlock, rules for their fightets, and more importantly, you’ll also get a bunch of expanded rules for your Necromunda games. Things like expanded rules for hired guns and hangers-on, giving you access to units line rogue docs, ammo jocks, and of course, bounty hunters.


These guys are some of the most characterful minis GW makes. And you’ll find rules for your own custom hunter, for playing with the Badzone Delta-7 tiles, and for adding new hazards to your game. Plus a full inventory of skills, weapons, and gear for your fighters. Definitely worth checking out.

via Games Workshop

Orlock Gang $40

House Orlock is known as the House of Iron, due to its roots in the ferrous slag pits located across the blasted surface of Necromunda. Orlock controls not only the mines, but the most vital transmotive lines between them, and are famed for their tough and fearless fighters who defend them from ash waste nomads and rival House agents alike.

Assemble an Orlock gang to use in games of Necromunda: Underhive with this set of 10 plastic miniatures. They’ve been designed to provide you with a huge amount of variety and options in assembly, meaning every gang can be unique. Included:

– 10 bodies – 2 each of 5 unique designs – each wearing furnace plate armour. These have been designed with specific weapon options in mind, though of course you are free to model them as you see fit;
– 20 heads – 2 each of 10 unique designs – featuring a variety of photo-google, chunky respirator masks and bandanas; – 10 sets of shoulder pads, in 5 unique designs;
– Weapons! There are quite a lot of these: 2 harpoon launchers, 6 fighting knives, 2 heavy stubbers, 6 drum fed autopistols, 6 combat shotguns, 8 stub guns, 2 sawn-off shotguns, 2 servoclaws and 4 autoguns, along with 10 additional sets of frag and krak grenades, and a set of blasting charges.


Supplied with 10 25mm Round bases, which feature sculpted textures that match the game board’s aesthetic.

Necromunda: Gang War 2 $30

Note: a copy of the Necromunda: Underhive boxed game is required to use this supplement.

The rules included with the Necromunda: Underhive boxed game cover battles between Houses Escher and Goliath – these are not the only Houses vying for supremacy of the underhives. Necromunda: Gang War 2 introduces House Orlock; an industrial superpower, a clenched fist of gangers well-equipped, well-trained and unified in purpose. Along with this, the book introduces a variety of Hired Guns, and rules for the hazards found in the Badzone Delta-7 set of board tiles (sold separately).

Contained in the 48-page softback:

Gangs of House Orlock

This section contains the story of House Orlock – their industrial monopoly, the rebellion of a millennium ago and the absolute crushing that followed – along with a detailed breakdown of their place in the hierarchy of Necromunda, and the methods by which they flex their impressive power. It also contains full rules for founding a House Orlock gang – fighter characteristics, skills, an equipment list and a list of typical Orlock names to provide inspiration.

Hired Guns & Hangers-on

This section introduces new types of fighters that can be used in both campaigns and skirmish battles, broadly defined as Hired Guns – mercenaries that will help a gang out in the short-term for pay) – and Hangers-on – trusted associates of the gang who offer services other than fighting. When attached to a gang, they can make up for certain gaps and shortcomings in skills and equipment. Rules for 6 different fighters are included.


Underhive Perils

In this section you’ll find rules for the Underhive Badzone Delta-7 board tiles (sold separately). 15 different hazards are described, with rules for Zone Mortalis battles and suggestions for their use in Sector Mechanicus battles.

Dramatis Personae

Dotted about the book you’ll find background and rules for 7 infamous characters – Grendl Grendlsen, Yolanda Skorn, Eyros Slagmyst, Krotos Hark, Gor Half-horn, The Deserter and Yar Umbra – who can be allied with or recruited by your gang, whichever House you’re running.

Also included:

– Underhive Armoury: this contains rules for weapons, armour and wargear available in Necromunda: Underhive and Gang War 1;
– Skills: contains all of the skills available to fighters, divided into skill sets for ease of reference;
– Reference: a summary of key tables players are most likely to need to refer to during play, along with Hired Guns profiles.

See you in the Hive.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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