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GW Weekender: Horus Heresy Seminar Previews

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Feb 3 2018
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The GW Seminar for the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender has a bunch of future plans & previews the Horus Heresy!

The Horus Heresy will be getting a new book titled “Malevolence” and will feature the Blood Angels, White Scars, Space Wolves, Alpha Legion and Daemons!

via Battle Bunnies





According to Battle Bunnies, we’re also going to be seeing the following:

  • Rules for Sanguinnius who will be “one of the better” melee Primarchs
  • Rules for Jaghatti Khan, who will possibly have a Jetbike option
  • BA/White Scars will get 2 additional characters
  • Possible Dark Angels book in 2019
  • Updated “Red Books” in 2020 (best guess)
  • Malevolence hopefully out this year

The Lore sections of the book will feature Chondax and Signis Prime. The Signis System is where all the daemon activity is going on and Chondax will be where the Alpha Legion are stalling the White Scars. There will also be various rules tweaks and updates as well.

It’s great to see the Horus Heresy getting some more love and attention. We’re fans of the setting here at BoLS and we want Forge World to do it justice for sure!


Are you excited about the Blood Angels, White Scars and Daemons getting some Heresy Love?

Author: Adam Harrison
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