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Shadespire: The Chosen Axes Warband

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Feb 5 2018

Games Workshop rakes the flames of the Chose Axes Warband with a new info dump on these Fyrslayers!

I hope your games of Shadespire have been as fun and intense as these new Fyreslayer models because they are heading your way soon enough. Today, GW is pulling back the curtain and showing off some more of these offensive juggernauts!


via Warhammer Community

“An ancient city filled with treasure. Terrors too awful to name. Packs of blood-hungry killers – and worse. Sounds like a job for the Fyreslayers!”

The Chosen Axes


Fjul-Grimnir is a beast on the objective. He becomes inspired if he holds an objective at the end of the action phase. Once that card flips, he attacks with a raw fury that can down the toughest foes!



Tefk Flamebrearer is a dual-wielding monster slayer and once he becomes inspired his axes will ignite the fear in all who face him!

Vol Orrrukbane gains some extra punch when he becomes inspired – it gets Knockback 1. Don’t get between Vol and that Ur-gold!

Mad Maegrim might appear to be the weakest fighter of the bunch, but his Scorching Axes allow him a measure of consistency that should make the other jealous.


The Fyreslayer Cards

As will all warbands, the Fyreslayers get access to some unique cards that can be added/swapped out in your warband’s deck.

The Earth Shakes helps to push the Fyreslayers where you need them to be. And Defiant Strike helps Tefk pack MORE of punch!

Grimnir has a quite a few cards dedicated to making him a truly terrifying opponent. Extra defense, extra speed and a last-ditch effort can really keep this Fyreslayer in the thick of things…right where he wants to be!

Tips & Tricks

The most distinguishing feature of the Chosen Axes is their Inspire condition – both one of the easiest and the trickiest to achieve in the entire game. Play correctly around objectives, and you’ll be able to Inspire your fighters risk-free. Get outflanked or fail to draw out enemy pushes, and you could easily get left behind.

In the first turn as Fyreslayers, it’s crucial to pick which two or three fighters you want to Inspire – or if you’re willing to risk not Inspiring them to bring the fight directly to your foes. Manage to Inspire your fighters, however, and you’ll be rewarded with an extra Wound and some devastating Attacks, meaning that your opponent will be dealing with a considerable amount of pressure! Cards that let you move and swap objectives, like Shardcaller and Shifting Shards, are invaluable in a Chosen Axes deck, while the Hold Objective cards work well by allowing you to score points when you empower your fighters.


These Fyreslayers are going to be able to knock-heads with the best of them. They might not be hyper-mobile or the best armored, but they believe the best defense is having a bunch of dead opponents! They can’t hit you back if they aren’t alive to swing back.


The Chosen Axes are coming to pre-orders this weekend and will be arriving the following week – are you ready for the flame-touched to bring the heat?

Author: Adam Harrison
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