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Wyrd: Speckled Crawlers – An Invasive Species

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Feb 4 2018

The Gibbering Horde grows – check out this pervasive new species!

The lowest on the Horde food chain, Speckled Crawlers have adapted very well to Earth. They take up residence in any place they can – they’ll settle in cities, forests, or swamps as long as there’s a dark place to hide where they can easily catch prey with their claws. While they’re not a threat alone, these creatures find strength in numbers.

On the table, Speckled Crawlers occupy two five monster Fireteams. This makes them quite a tar pit, and their resilience is further bolstered once they flip to Glory and begin gaining automatic Reinforcement Tokens. Their basic melee attack is somewhat weak, but it becomes stronger if the Crawlers can get into contact with terrain (such as a conveniently placed Tide Pool).

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Author: Mars Garrett
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