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Leave Your Hyperbolic Time Chamber To Battle Once Again

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Mar 8 2018

In order to defeat Perfect Cell in this new dice rolling game from IDW, players will take the role of their favorite Z Fighter or Krillin.

Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell is a cooperative dice rolling, pool-building game set in the Dragon Ball Z universe. Each fighter has a special ability which will help them in battle.


At the start of each round, Cell reveals some techniques and attacks the he plans to use. Some effects happen immediately, while most don’t trigger until the end of the round, giving players time to cancel those techniques. Techniques that are not dealt with will remain in the following rounds, potentially allowing Cell to become very powerful very quickly.

Not to be outdone so easily, the Z Fighters are also able to gain additional powerups. Fans of the show will recognize Senzu Beam, Super Saiyan Form, Kamehameha and many, many others.

Each of the players starts with a pool of 5 dice with 4 different symbols: attack, super attack, Dragon Ball and Assist. Players will use these dice to perform attacks, activate their own powerups and cancel Cell’s techniques.


Because players can share dice with each other, working together and cooperation are a big factor in determining the outcome on Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell. Because of this, players are never left without options during their turn. Either granting an extra die to another player to use or to help with with extra rerolls.

If the Z Fighters can deal enough damage to Cell before he runs through his Technique deck, Cell is defeated and the players win!

via IDW Games

Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell$39.99 – March 2018

The Cell Games are on the world’s greatest fighters have gathered to see if they have what it takes to defeat Cell, the perfect warrior. Teaming up to take him down, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin, Trunks and Piccolo must strategize together in order to stop the supposedly unstoppable machine.

In Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell, 2 to 4 players will each take control of an iconic Dragon Ball Z fighter and roll their dice to generate energy. Using custom icons, players allocate their dice into performing attacks, helping other players, or buying upgrades. Players need to work together though, as Cell will continue to generate new threats that can heal him, damage all players, or lock players out of potentially game-changing upgrades.

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If the Hercule Satan expansion doesn’t come out later this year, I’m rioting.


Author: Matt Sall
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