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40K: Codex Drukhari Deep Dive

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Mar 31 2018

We’ve got Codex Drukhari and we’re going over all the datasheets in to scope out what’s new and what’s improved. Plus we brought in an a Dark Eldar player from way back to help out with the break down in our latest Deep Dive!

The Drukhari Codex is our hands – strap in and get ready to run through the new codex:

The Dark Eldar return with a vengeance in this book. The overall theme is that things got cheaper and they have lots of little improvements that should get players excited. They are still glass cannons but now they will be able to cause even more trouble with their Blasters, Haywire Blasters, Heat Lances and other wargear options. Make no mistake, they will kill your forces if they get the drop on you and with units like Reavers who will be able to fly across the board turn one and cause problems, you can bet they will. Wyches are also going to be really nasty if they can get to combat (and they have ways to help with that). Just pray they don’t take you alive…

The codex goes up for Pre-Order this weekend. Get ready for the return of the Drukhari as they will be invading our Twitch Channel all next week!

Codex: Drukhari

“Fiercely intelligent piratical raiders who feed upon anguish to stave off the slow death of their souls, the Drukhari epitomise everything wanton and cruel about the ancient Aeldari race from which they are descended. Their boundless potential is put to every terrible purpose they can imagine, and because their lives span millennia, they have all the time they need to perfect their stygian arts. Collectively, the warriors of Commorragh know all the ways there are to kill the galaxy’s myriad creatures, and delight in perfecting as many as they can.”



The Raiders…they came from everywhere…

Author: Adam Harrison
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