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40K: Forgebane – The Battle For Blackstone

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Mar 17 2018

We’ve got a closer look at exactly why Belisarius Cawl is going after Blackstone direct from Forgebane!

Forgebane is on the way and we’ve got our preview copy in. We’ve been digging through the contents to find out what the heck is going on and, while GW alluded to what sparked the conflict, we’ve got the full story from Forgebane:

“…The Pariah Stone, a physical incarnation of the null gene…” No wonder the Imperium wants this stuff! And I have a feeling Cawl is correct about the Blackstone being much like a ferrite metal that can be polarized…mostly because GW pretty much confirmed it. At the same time I’m wondering how the Necrons knew about it and why they wanted to harvest it for their own uses…

This joining piece of lore is also interesting. Necrons have anti-Chaos protocols?! Heck ya they do! They hate the immeterium almost as much as the Old Ones apparently. They were the ones that used the Blackstone to shut Chaos away as they were the ones that created the Cadian Pylons to begin with. Perhaps Chaos has always been their enemy and these upstart races are just getting in their way!

Get ready for more adventures in the GrimDark coming your way very soon…


Author: Adam Harrison
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