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40k BREAKING: Forgebane Boxed Set Pics

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Mar 5 2018

An all new 40K boxed set with two unlikely forces has been spotted. Take a look at this!

This tip landed in our inbox:

Looks like a new limited bundle box is on the way.

Mechanicus forces:
1 techpriest dominus
10 skitarii
2 armiger warglaives
Necron forces:
1 cryptek (the new one)
5 immortals
5 lychgard
+ one of the canoptek units, couldn’t tell whether it was a spyder or some wraiths.


pics via Blood of Kittens: (facebook)



We hear that this set was being shown off at a trade show. Hey look, it comes with the little 40K rules fold-out pamphlet!

~I can’t wait to get our hands on this! How about you?

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K Lore: Kroot of Pech