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40K: Necrons Next – Forgebane and Dynasties

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Mar 11 2018

Next up from GW–Necrons and Robots and Necrons.

That’s right folks, Necron goodness is inbound soon. One high tech race that doesn’t use psychics gives way to another high tech race that doesn’t really use psychics, even if they can try and defend against them. First up, there’s Forge Bane–but also there seems to be some truth to the rumors of Necron Dynasties we’ve seen making the rounds. Let’s take a look:

via Warhammer Community

Forgebane is the latest battle-in-a-box, pitting the Adeptus Mechanicus against the Necrons in a desperate battle for supremacy – and a mysterious warp-manipulating mineral known as blackstone. Inside the set, you’ll find two armies, rules for playing them and some pretty exciting developments for the 41st Millennium in general…

Forgebane pits the Ad Mech against the Necrontyr in a showdown that makes both sides happy. The Necrons get to kill humans, and the Tech Priests get to excitedly watch Necrons kill humans and think about how coold it would be if they were unstoppable robots lIke that. It’s a win/win scenario all around, until someone finds the Tech-priest’s journal where they’ve scrawled out their name in various dynastic configurations–but then the inquisition gets to kill a heretic, and they love doing that. So really everyone is happy.

Especially Necron players if thsee dynastic codes are anything to go by.


And, as if Forgbane itself weren’t already exciting enough news for Necrons fans, we can confirm that hot on its heels will be a brand new codex for the everliving legions arriving before the end of March. So you won’t have to wait long before your Necrons can benefit from a whole swathe of new rules, Stratagems and – for the first time ever – unique dynasty rules for the most powerful of the ancient empire’s armies. We’ll be previewing this new codex in-depth soon, but in the meantime, here’s a peek at the Dynastic Codes – powerful rules for customising your collection – to whet your appetite.

This does seem to confirm a number of the rumors we’ve seen floating around. Looks like GW needs a plumber with all these leaks going around. At any rate, these are some exciting rules, looks like the ‘bots are back in town.

Of course the best Dynasty has rules for the Carringtons, Colbys, and Lu Bu.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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