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40K RPG: Wrath & Glory Adds More “Example Play” Comic Pages

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Mar 22 2018

Wrath & Glory has added a few more pages to their web comic, let’s check-in and get the low-down on the upcoming RPG!

Fans of Warhammer 40k and RPGs have been waiting for more info about Wrath & Glory ever since the game was announced. We checked out the first few pages of their “Example Comic” last month. Now we have a follow-up with more details about the game. But to recap, here’s a few points on what we know so far:

  • The game system itself is based on a D6 system that requires you to hit a certain number of successes to meet or beat a Difficulty Number:

  • You can “shift” Exalted Successes to get additional effects as well:

Characters also have different stats and such – but we’re still in the dark about most of that stuff. You can read the previous recap and then dive right into the new stuff below. First up, here’s the new pages:

via Ulisses NA
“We’re thrilled to present the Wrath & Glory Example of Play comic, drawn by Kaiser of Eagle Ordinary.

Page 3:

Here we can see the party advancing into the mining station. Sigma-19 had hacked the door and has opted to use those additional successes to get some additional info. This page really just advances the story even further.


Page 4: 

Here we see the party encounter there first NPC. Again, this is a Role-playing Game so we get some in character dialogue – see, it’s not all about rolling 6’s and killing everything…yet. Again more of the mystery unfolds and we get to a cliff-hanger of what’s going to happen next.


Page 5:

This is when we get to the combat and how that will work in game. I, personally, have been curious about how this would work. It IS the Grim Dark and so combat is probably going to be a big deal.


Let’s brake this page down a bit more.

Combat is broken-up into rounds. Players get to choose who will act first, and then the GM can choose an NPC. This goes back and forth until everyone has acted. This isn’t a crazy new way to do initiative as other systems have done something similar. It’s a shift away from rolling for initiative and then going from there. This will be one of those rules, I think, folks will want to explore more. I certainly have questions – for one, will initiative change in between rounds? What happens when someone in either group dies? What about a group that vastly outnumbers one or the other? I’m betting all those things are covered…but this makes me want to learn more about the game’s initiative system.

The player was “aiming” at a Difficulty Number of 3 due to the mutant’s defense,  but because of the dark conditions, it became a DN of 4. His roll was not the best. Fortunately, the game does have a way for players to work the odds – it’s a resource called “Wrath” and it helps the players feel more heroic.

In this case the player spent some Wrath to re-roll failures on his tests. Again, you need a 4, 5, or 6 for it to count as a “success” and generate an Icon (or two in the case of a 6). Phillip was shooting to score 4 Icons so that he could hit the DN and successfully hit the target. With his re-roll he generated a total of 4 Icons with a roll of a 4, 5, 6, 6. That’s pretty solid! He also chose to shift one of the 6’s over to do additional damage.

Now we get to how damage is calculated. From the looks of things, his Lasgun has a based damage of 7 + BD (or Bonus Die). He gets to take that base of 7 and roll a damage die, any additional Icons are applied to the total and that new value is the damage. However, he shifted that 6 over to allow him to get a second damage die. Luckily, his roll was a 4 and a 6, that generated 3 additional Icons. Well, 7 + 3 = 10 damage, which was apparently enough to take out the first mutant!


Combat goes back and forth until the entire combat is resolved. Simple enough, right?

We’re looking forward to more from Wrath & Glory as the game progresses. In fact, we’re going to have Ross Watson come by the studio and run a game for us on May 2nd. We’ll be live streaming the session (and if we have some time maybe even doing a mini Q&A). Mark your calendars and join us for the fun!


What questions do you have about Wrath & Glory?! 

Author: Adam Harrison
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