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40K RUMORS: A Mighty Waaagh is Coming

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Mar 30 2018


We have all been lamenting the relative disappearance of Orks from the game in 8th edition.  Here’s the latest on what the Greenskins are up to in the months ahead.

Industry rumormongers say to look for the following:

  • Look for the Orks to return about a year after 8th Edition arrived.
  • The Orks will return to the game in a major way with a large release.
  • There will be advancing storylines putting the Orks in the post great rift Imperium in a big way.
  • Multiple new kits are coming.
  • Many existing units will be changed substantially from their current rules.


First off, 8th Edition launched in early June 2017, so we are talking about roughly 2 months out.

Orks have been one of the two “classic opponents” for mankind over the last 30 years of Warhammer 40,000 – alongside Chaos.  I think it’s fair to say they have seen better days in the past.  It was a wonderful time when the Orks got their time in the sun with the introduction of the plastic Trukk, Battlewagon and others. But that was back in 2009 The Ork range is surprising well rounded and almost entirely modern and plastic. It’s in much better shape than say the Craftworld Eldar.

All the Orks need to be a real force on the tabletop is some really solid rules.

Solid rules and a new plastic Buggy!

~ Have at it, and as always…  WAAAAAAGH!



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