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40K: T’au Spotlight – The Bork’an Sept Unloads

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Mar 6 2018

Games Workshop is back with another preview of the upcoming T’au and Sept Bork’an brings the BOOM!

Yesterday we got an idea of what the new T’au Codex would have in store. There are six Sept Tenets on the way and today we’re getting a teaser of what the Bork’an Sept will do.


When it comes to shooting, the T’au are known to bring the BOOM. And when it comes to max range, the Bork’an Sept will have just about everyone beat.

via Warhammer Community

One of the defining quality of T’au Empire armies is their prodigious range, allowing them to reach the enemy wherever they may hide with an array of far-reaching firepower. In this regard, no sept can match the reach of Bork’an, thanks to Superior Craftsmanship:


That extra 6″ applies to Heavy weapons which is already scary, but combine that with Rapid Fire weapons and look out! And if you think that’s all they are getting, think again. The Bork’an also have a way to make their Heavy weapons even MORE reliable:

It’s basically 1 command point for a re-roll, which is normal. The difference is that you’re not using your OTHER re-roll so you can use that on a to-wound roll or another key dice roll. Having two different Stratagems that almost do the same thing can be pretty handy. There have been several times when I’ve rolled a 1 or 2 on my random shots and not spent the point to re-roll because I knew I only had the one re-roll. But with this…game on.

The Deadly Riptide Returns

I don’t know if these ever really went away – but they are going to be sweeping back in with a vengeance. The first big improvement is the armament of these iconic battlesuits:

The Heavy Burst Cannon is getting 4 more shots and each does an additional point of damage – OUCH! That gun went from a possible 8 damage to a whopping 24 damage! The Ion Accelerator also got a nice boost – now depending on how you feel about D6 shots vs a static 3, it’s debatable. However, you can’t really argue with the extra point of strength across the board for the two fire types or the increased damage profiles either! That’s a nice boost all around.

Oh there is more – It’s time to go Nova:


For the measely price of a Mortal Wound, the Riptide gets to either have a 3+ invulnerable save, get an extra 2D6 boost in the charge phase (it doesn’t have to charge an enemy unit and it can still move), or it can really bring the BOOM with the Nova-charge.

Take those already deadly weapons and up their firepower AGAIN – the Heavy Burst Cannon will generate 18 shots (with a potential 36 damage) or the Ion Accelerator gets to fire a max 6 shots with either option! And if that’s not enough, get ready to have another stratagem at your disposal:

For 1 CP you can do TWO effects from the table above! So, again, if you rock the Bork’an Sept, you’ll be able to pump out the damage at a pretty safe distance of 42″ away with the Heavy Burst Cannon or 78″ with the Ion Accelerator. That’s basically anywhere on the board you can draw line of sight to. Good times.


So T’au enthusiasts, how are you feeling about the Riptides now? What about the abilities of the Bork’an Sept?

Author: Adam Harrison
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