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40K: The Covens of the Haemonculus

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Mar 28 2018
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Did someone call for the Wracks? Because they’re here…Check out the Haemonculus Covens preview from Games Workshop!

So far we’ve gotten a few peeks at the Drukhari. We’ve seen some of the more generic rules and we’ve gotten a closer look at the Kabals. Today we get to dive into the sinister minds of the Haemonculus Covens and their flesh-mending ways. They have such sights to show you…

via Warhammer Community

The Haemonculus Covens are one of the most sinister and influential factions in Commorragh. Through their mastery of arcane surgery and fleshcraft, they ensure that no Archon stays dead for long and are constantly inventing new (and horrifically creative) ways to draw suffering out of the living. Indeed, the Haemonculus Covens are the only Aeldari to universally refuse the offer of the Ynnari, instead pursuing their own mysterious agendasā€¦

The New Drukhari Codex will have 3 new Obsessions (aka Chapter Tactics) that the Haemonculus Covens will have access to. First up are The Prophets of Flesh.

Prophets of Flesh

Insensible to Pain grants an Invulnerable save – but when you roll with the Prophets of Flesh, it becomes a 4++ instead! That’s going to help keep your Wracks up and in the fight. And when those T5, 4+ invulnerable, 6+ “Feel No Pain” bodies start to drop…just bring them back with your special stratagem:


For 2 CP you get to “regen” a unit of Wracks! I’ll take it. Don’t forget that you can party-up with multiple Warlords in the Drukhari book and get the benefit of a Archon from the Kabal of the Black Heart and scoop-up CP on a 6+ after you or your opponent spends them. And just to make sure you have ample opportunity to get them back, why not start the game with even MORE CP thanks to Diaboloical Soothsayer:

A free re-roll for my Warlord AND D3 CP? Yes please.

The Dark Creed


The Haemonculus Covens of The Dark Creed don’t just attack the body – they attack the mind, specifically Leadership. If you’re wanting to attackĀ  your opponents in a really different manner, then this might be the Coven for you. Their -1 Leadership ability stacks up to a -3. Combine that with perhaps an allied Hemlock Wraithfighter and a few phantasm grenade launchers and you can start forcing checks that will make a Space Marine turn tail and run. There is even an generic stratagem that can help you out even further:

If you can kill their Warlord, you can cause a ripple effect that will stack some nasty leadership penalties. “But killing characters is hard!” True. Good thing they have ANOTHER stratagem to assist:

I’d gladly pay 2CP to be able to target characters with some big guns.

The Coven of the Twelve

Last up on the preview train is the Coven of the Twelve. If you’re looking to take out Armor then this is the Coven for you. Giving your melee attacks an additional -1 AP could be pretty great – it’s going to make your Wracks wave of attacks stick, your Grotesques hit harder and your Talos will eat armor. Good for all manner of situations! But don’t worry, they can bring the shooting too:


Firing “Danger Close” could cost you dearly – but that’s why it’s called Administer Punishment and not “Hey Team, Look Out!” It’s right up the Drukhari’s alley to fire on their “allies” – whatever causes the most amount of pain, right? That’s where they get there power from after all.


So what do you think of the Haemonculus Covens in the Drukhari Codex? Which one are you signing up for?

Author: Adam Harrison
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