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40K: The Nephrekh Dynasty & C’tan Preview

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Mar 23 2018

These Necrons bring the Gold home when it comes to speed – come check out the Nephrekh Dynasty!

Infused with metagold, the Necrons of the Nephrekh Dynasty are able to phase through solid matter. They are some of the fastest moving metal-men around. And Games Workshop is showcasing what else they bring to the table.

via Warhammer Community


There are all sorts of units that excel in a Nephrekh army – and while we’d recommend Immortals with tesla carbines in particular, broadly speaking, any model carrying an Assault weapon is a strong candidate.

Getting an automatic 6″ advance will really help when it come to figuring out your movement options. Coupled with Assault Weapons, you’ll be able to remove a lot of the guess work when you’re considering moving and shooting. They also get another handy stratagem that might make choosing a Doom Scythe over a Night Scythe a little easier:

Now your Infantry units that want to teleport into battle won’t get bottled up with the Night Scythe. Sure you’ve got to spend a CP to drop them in, but the trade-off is you’ll get to take those deadly Doom Scythes!


And if you’re really wanting to bring the boom, take 3 Doom Scythes so you can take advantage of their special stratagem:

Again, it’s 1 CP but it does require some fancy maneuvering to pull off. But causing 3D3 mortal wounds is no laughing matter.

The C’Tan Arrive

We’ve got some good news and some bad news for C’tan fans. The bad news is they never benefit from the Dynastic Codes. But the good news is they probably don’t need to because they are pretty deadly already. They certainly got some improvements since the Index days and GW wanted to show those off as well. Word on the street is that the C’tan will have 6 powers and GW is previewing a pair of their favorites:


Cosmic Fire is pretty punishing to anyone who is running a lot of small units. Getting to roll for each unit and dropping D3 mortal wounds on each success is going to sting.

Sky of Falling Stars is another way to drop mortal wounds on enemy units. This time, you’re trying to roll under the number of models in the unit and you can “only” target 3 – but the range is 18″. If you have a way to do two powers a turn I’d suggest running this one first and then doing Cosmic Fire for a possible 2D3 mortal wounds on the same target(s).

And that’s not all – the C’tan are also getting another table to roll on as well:

They are basically Warlords with their own set of traits. And you can roll for two or pick one. Gee, I wonder which option will be the most popular…

The Necron Codex goes up for Pre-order this weekend – are you ready for the Rise of the Ancient Evils?


Author: Adam Harrison
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