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40K: Warglaive Rules Unleashed Upon The Masses

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Mar 18 2018

They’re out there. Warglaive rules, blurry datasheet screen shots, everything you could possibly want!

Just a quick one here folks–there’s an unboxing video from winters SEO that takes you through Forgebane and its associated ephemera–but at the heart of it you will find a glimpse of the Warglaive datasheet, which is making its way around the information superhighway right now. So join me as we pull aside next to a historic landmark and take a look at what the Warglaive does.

So here we have a look at what the littlest knight can do.

As you can see, it might just be a little guy but it hits hard. Strength 6 base, which means Strength 12 with the chain-cleaver. And the Thermal Spear is just devastating, especially when you consider it is an assault weapon with a 15″ ‘spicy range’ to it.

As far as the other stuff we have Move 14″ (so a 29″ threat range on spicy thermal shooting, more of you advance), and BS/WS 3+ for now,  and with 12 wounds to keep it running, the warglaive is decently tough. The dreadnought comparisons are pretty fair.


At any rate, that’s the Warglaive–and clocking in at the 227-240 point range, you could probably make a decent detachment of these guys in your army–they pack a punch, and might be the mobile strike force robots that the Tau have always wanted to see.

Now to round these guys up with some big bigs for my Pacific Rim themed box set game.

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