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40K: Wrath and Glory Roundup

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Mar 25 2018
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Ross Watson stopped by the folks at the D6 Generation for a chat about Wrath and Glory, the upcoming 40K RPG.

Exactly what it says on the tin folks, Ross Watson, designer for Wrath & Glory, everyone’s favorite “broad and inclusive” 40K RPG, stopped in for a chat with the folks of The D6 Generation and we thought it’d be nice to comb through it and share with you a few previews of what’s coming. Not all of this is new information–but enjoy this round-up of what to expect when you’re expecting Wrath and Glory.

Besides all the gorgeous artwork, that is..

via the D6 Generation

You can listen to the episode here. But for those of you who are in a hurry, here’s a quick roundup of what all we learned.

  • The game supports mixed groups from the get go–you can expect to see Scout Marines and Guardsmen alongside one another

  • speaking of things you can play:
  • Farseers will be a playable archetype
  • There’s an archetype that will allow you to be a mutant (and that “ranks up” so maybe you get more mutated as you level up?)
  • You won’t, however, be able to play as a Dreadnought. At least not in core–there will however be 32 Archetypes and 4 different Species (Eldar, Human, Ork and ???) Dreadnoughts might be coming later

  • Titans might be coming later
  • The first three things you’ll find released (at GenCon) are:
    • The Beginner Box, which contains dice and The Rites of Instruction (an intro adventure)
    • The Core Rulebook
      • Including starship and vehicle rules!!
    • Dark Tides, which is a collection of adventures focused on an oceanic world
  • After that there’ll be a “Campaign Set” — the Imperium Nihilus Campaign:
    • This includes the Dark Imperium
    • The Cicatrix Maledictum
    • And the Dark Mechanicus

  • A second campaign set, the “Doom of the Eldar” includes:
    • Craft Worlds
    • Crone Worlds
    • Exodite Planets
    • The Webway
    • The Black Library
  • Each campaign set expands things like archetypes, backgrounds, and talents–so the game will grow, and fairly quickly after release

  • Finally there’s the Campaign Cards, which, if you’re familiar with Savage Worlds are twists that the GM can draw on to shake up the scene–these will be 40K Flavored

All in all, some exciting stuff is coming up for Wrath and Glory–and if you’re interested in learning more, on May 2nd (which is an eternity away) we’ll have the man himself, Ross Watson, in our Twitch Studio and will be doing a live play session on-stream. So come check it out!

In the meantime, grimdark adventuring!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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