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AoS: Dread Solstice – The Final Hours

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Mar 28 2018

The third and final chapter of the Dread Solstice Global Campaign comes to a close soon – time for one last check-in.

Chapter 3: Hour of the Damned’s final week has been a pretty crazy roller-coaster of a ride. Out of all 6 weeks of the campaign, this week has seen the largest shift from Day 1 till close. First, a quick reminder of the choices:

After falling for what appeared to be a trap set by Nagash and his generals in the sands of Shyish, the invading forces had three options: Fight back, Fight with each other, or attempt to make a deal with Nagash. Looks like the players still had some fight left in them as they cycled through each option all week long.

Start of the Week:

On day one of the final week, Death took a HUGE lead. But it was early and time, apparently, was not on their side.

Weekend Check-in:


As we trekked into the weekend, Eye had a slight lead over Drake and Skull as an option fell behind. But there was still lots of time and the weekend was just getting started.

The Final Hours:

Now, with under 24 hours to go it appears that the Drake option has pulled ahead. Will it be able to maintain it’s lead or will Eye snake back up to take it’s place? It’s going to be a close finish to a chaotic week!

The Rules

Time grows short and the Morbid Darkness is closing in. It’s a race against disappearing time in the realm of the dead! Who side are you going to throw in with?


Author: Adam Harrison
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