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BREAKING: Games Workshop 40K & More Product Reveals – Adepticon

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Mar 21 2018

And here we go everybody  – get ready!

Live updating as news comes in starting at 8:00 pm.  Refresh often!

All times CT


8:05 – It’s ON!

8:08 – GW Logo is up on the screen!

8:15 – Seminar Begins!

8:18 – Warhammer Champions – A CCG set in the Age of Sigmar with physical cards / boosters and a digital element coming.

8:25 – Idoneth Deepkin  model described as: Elves riding fish, giant turtle, flying sharks.


8:28 – Codex Harlequins & Deathwatch are coming soon.

8:30 – Codex Imperial Knights as well!

8:31 – New Imperial Knight model unveiled (more soon)

8:33 – 40K List building app coming.



8:34 – 40K List building app is named Combat Roster and is free.

8:37 – New Imperial Knight has weapons arranged like a Warlord titan (I assume 4???)


8:41 – GW will be providing exclusive models for major indepedent events.

8:42 – Idoneth Deepkin are well received by audience. Some models are riding seahorses.

8:43 – Idoneth Deepkin, One model is a boat atop a giant turtle.



8:45 – Age of Sigmar Legacy rules for old models are coming.

8:46 – Chapter Approved 2018 will contain beta rules for plastic Sisters of Battle.

8:48 – New Imperial Knight model is the Castellan.

8:52 – Knight Castellan has two twin barreled weapons atop, and 2 single barrel arm weapons.

8:53 – Plastic Sisters are in design, slated for 2019

8:55 – 40K March FAQ is done, out after Adepticon concludes.


Post Show Extra Details

40K: Knight Armigers will come in further variants


AoS: Warhammer Champions: CCG game. Booster packs and new art. 1v1 or multi players.  If you buy the physical card you get a virtual card. Altered reality?

AoS: Malign Portents continued: Nagash’s rise leads to consequences. Magic system may change.

AoS: teased undead skeletal things

40K: Killteam: completely stand alone.

40K: Combat Roster: Army Builder for 40k (Power Level ONLY)

AoS: Warhammer Legends website: Rules for older WFB figures in AOS that don’t currently have rules. Won’t be matched play legal.


~What are you most excited about!?

Author: Larry Vela
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