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Grab Your Nuts and Strike a Pose in ‘Nut So Fast’

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Mar 16 2018
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A hilariously, albeit questionably titled party game that requires fast reflexes and a keen eye.

Nut So Fast is a silly party game of quick reflexes. On each players turn, they flip over two of their cards. If there are 4 matching nut pictures, players grab the matching wooden nut from the pile in the center.


But ‘nut’ so fast, because if a number card is flipped, each player has to strike the ‘nutty’ pose matching the one on that number card.

If you grab the wrong cards or strike the wrong pose, you’re penalized by having to add the played cards to your pile.

Nut So Fast is a fun, silly party game which is great when you have a couple minutes to kill. Needing fast thinking, reactions and dexterity make this game a “game of hilarious mistakes”.

via Smirk & Laughter Games


Nut So Fast – $19.95 – Releases April 18, 2018

Nut So Fast is the “nutty-reaction” party game in which players wait for a group of four matching nut icons on their cards before quickly grabbing the wooden nut token of the same shape! But watch out; if a number card pops up, players will need to strike a Nutty Pose instead. Either way, someone is going to be too slow and take penalty points.

It’s fast, fun, and frenetic—the perfect party game! The game is very approachable and a snap to learn and start playing within three minutes, making it perfect for gamers and non-gamers alike. Quality wooden components peek out of a durable window box to increase shelf pull—with adorable faces drawn by famed web cartoonist Chris McCoy.


  • 16 Wooden nut tokens
  • 82 Nuts cards
  • 20 Nutty Pose cards
  • 6 Divider cards
  • 3 – 6 Players
  • 15 Minutes
  • Ages 8+

~Playtesters must have made jokes about the name during development, right? I can’t be alone on this.

Author: Matt Sall
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