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Mega-Armored Big Mek by Kyle Reekie

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Mar 11 2018
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We have an amazing conversion project for you today–a sweet Big Mek in Mega Armor courtesy of Nonebutone. Check it out!

ONe of the things I love about 40K is the conversions–how many times have you sat around wondering how much better your forces would look if you converted them up. Like turning the Thousand Sons into the Thousand Dads. Or sometimes, you get an idea that’s actually good–and today we have a look at the latter. Courtesy of Kyle Reekie aka Nonebutone, we have this amazing sculpt of a Big Mek in Mega Armor that will really stand out against any other models, Primaris or otherwise. Check it out:

via Kyle Reekie aka Nonebutone:

I’ve always been inspired by the art produced for the 40k universe, of Monstrously massive Orks Battling with Marines clad in battle damaged armor, but when it came down to the models, the Scale felt off. The Mega-Nobs felt small, and “weedy” compared to new Primaris Marines. With that in mind, I went about starting a new project: a set of 10 Super sized Mega-Bosses. Each of these characters were to be larger than life center pieces for my force that show off the bulk and intimidation factor that Orks should have!

The first, was this Mega-Armored Big Mek, came together over the span of two days. It is built mostly plasticard and spare wires; it contains only a few 40k bits. The head is from the Maxmini, which I found to be a beautiful sculpt and it fit my project perfectly.



He sent over some pictures of finished beast – it looks amazing!


There you have it folks. This guy looks amazing. It leaves me in awe of the kings of things you can do with the hobby. So until next time, enjoy.

Do you have an awesome conversion/sculpt we should know about? Let us know!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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