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Geekery: ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer Finally Gets to the Story

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Mar 16 2018

This new trailer takes a closer look at the heart of the movie. Don’t worry – it has a t-rex munching on a car, too.

It’s 2044, the world is suffering from an energy crisis due to the depletion of fossil fuels and the effects of global warming. To escape what is left of the world around them people enter OASIS, a virtual reality world that acts as an MMORPG and a virtual society. This virtual reality was created by James Halliday – who announced at the time of his death that he left an easter egg inside the program and the person that finds it would inherit his fortune and company. The story starts 5 years after the announcement, and follows Wade Watts and friends as they look for the prize.

The initial reviews for this are generally positive, but they do back the idea that it relies a bit too much on pop culture references. I think we all knew that was going to be the case the instant the first trailer came out. It’s been compared to Hook, the director’s early 90s take on Peter Pan that focused on the lost boys. I’m going to see it for the spectacle more than the story – it really looks like it needs a big screen.

Bit of trivia: Spielberg has been doing the promotional rounds – it seems he tried to get a license to add Star Wars characters to the movie, but was denied. Even though ILM is doing all the heavy CG lifting. They also couldn’t get the rights for Ultraman thanks to an ongoing lawsuit.

Ready Player One hits theaters in 2 weeks on March 29th.

Author: Mars Garrett
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