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GW Delivers BIG News At GAMA

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Mar 14 2018
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The Vaan Sar weren’t the only big news from Games Workshop at GAMA – Check out all the latest!

We had boots on the ground at GAMA this year and brought you some exclusive pictures from the floor of the Van Saar Gang & More. But that’s not the only news Games Workshop had in store.

via Warhammer Community


Kill Team is BACK!

This new edition gives you everything you love about Warhammer 40,000, in less time and in less space. Using deep rules for squad customisation and specialists, you’ll be able to assemble an elite team from any faction you choose and pit them against your foes in fast-paced tactical skirmishes.

From the looks of things we’re getting a new rulebook for Kill Team as well as some fancy looking terrain to boot:

Shade Spire Gets More Warbands


Magore’s Fiends are a hard-hitting pack of Khorne-worshipping Blood Warriors, while the Farstriders combine the stalwart durability of their kin in Steelheart’s Champions with the elite training and ranged wargear of the Vanguard Chambers. Both of these warbands will be out soon, with a range of new cards, new mechanics and new tricks for every player to try.

House Van Saar Returns To The Underhive

The Van Saar are the latest classic faction from Necromunda to be revamped, featuring new wargear and some of the deadliest weapons the underhive has to offer. You won’t have to wait too long for these guys – or their rules – to land, so stay tuned!


A New Challenger Approaches The Pitch

The Doom Lords combine the speed and ferocity of the Beastmen with the martial might of the Chaos Chosen to create one of Blood Bowl’s most dangerous teams. You’ll be able to grab these guys alongside Spike! Magazine – a new supplement for Blood Bowl that’ll feature rules for new teams, Star Players, columns from Agony Uncle Lord Borak and much more.

Something In The Deep Stirs…

No new info on this one other than “They’re coming – get ready.”



WOW! That’s a lot of great stuff heading your way – what is your favorite? What are you most excited for?

Author: Adam Harrison
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