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Netrunner: Deluxe Expansion “Reign And Reverie” Announced

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Mar 7 2018

Heads-up Runners, a brand new Deluxe Expansion is on the way for Netrunner – time for Reign And Reverie!

With the release of the new Revised Core Set, fans of Netrunner have been looking forward to the first Deluxe Expansion designed for this new “era” of Netrunner. With Reign And Reverie, we’re getting a better look at how the world of Netrunner has changed. Welcome to ChiLo the new Midwest metropolis!

via Fantasy Flight Games


Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Reign and Reverie, a new deluxe expansion for Android: Netrunner, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

Reign and Reverie is a 156 card-expansion (three copies each of 49 new cards and nine unique single-copy cards), featuring new tools for all ten factions in Android: Netrunner The Card Game while exploring the urban landscape of ChiLo, a beacon of light in the Midwest. This includes a new identity for all seven major factions, a new console for every major runner faction, and new agendas for every corp. Because Reign and Reverie features new cards for all ten factions in the game, it’s the perfect companion piece to the Revised Core Set released late last year. With these powerful new tools, the game of Android: Netrunner will never be the same.

New Card Previews

Naturally, FFG provided some previews of the upcoming cards. With a bunch of new Identities, consoles and agendas, how could they not!

The Runners


Shaper Runner – Akiko Nisei

Nisei is former Jinteki “asset” who has escaped the clutches of the corp and is trying to hide in the sprawling metropolis of ChiLo. What makes her unique is that she essentially takes the Jinteki’s theme of the “psi game” and makes it work for the runner. This is a pretty interesting take on that mechanic.

Anarch Console – Patchwork

The Patchwork console allows you to get +1 memory slot for your programs but in addition it makes installing other cards cheaper…at the cost of trashing (discarding) a card from your Grip (your hand). That might seem like a high cost for some cards but runners are pretty good at getting things back…In addition FFG hinted at a new Anarch ID that gets a “major advantage when your grip is empty.” That can be extremely risky for a runner as their grip functions (somewhat) like their Health as well.

DJ Fenris

Okay I want to take a moment and just say that this could be one of the biggest cards in the game. DJ Fenris allows your Runner to copy a g-mod identity and essentially you get to act as both runners while this resource is in play. That’s kind of a big deal! Combining Runner abilties will lead to some pretty wonky combos and I can’t wait to see what the players come up with. If nothing else, it allows the Runners to really speed-up their momentum of play.


The Corps

Weyland Identity – The Outfit

Keeping in theme with the ChiLo setting, we see “The Outfit” that actually gets resources every time they get at least 1 bad publicity. Gee, I wonder what that could be a reference too…


Weyland Operation – Too Big To Fail

This card has an obvious combo with The Outfit as playing it in that deck will often net you a massive 10 credit boost! The Runner can attempt to trash the card if they access it at the high cost of 5 credits! No matter how you slice it, this card offers a massive swing for the resource pool.

Jinteki Operation – Hangeki

Okay – this card is pretty mean. Why? Because Jinteki is notorious for having installed trap cards! This card forces the Runner to choose: Access the nominated card by the Corp, or take a -1 penalty to their agenda points. Yes, please access my Project Junebug or take the -1. That’s a bad choice no matter how you slice it. This also sets-up some really great head games you can play with your opponent. FFG also hints that there is a Jinteki ID that works particularly well with Hangeki also.

Reign And Reverie $29.95



Reign And Reverie is up for Pre-Order today!

Author: Adam Harrison
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